For the use of the name and the town logo the Town Hall Administration.
For the balck & white photos:  the Pro Loco 80, Mr.Fornino Giovanni, Di Bella Antonio and Miss Esposito Alfonsina.
For the poems:  U' paiso mio, Voce delle mie Campane, Piccola Piazza and La croce sulla Chiesa Prof. De Lisa Michele.
For the photos of the Churches and for the historical facts on them liberally taken from the booklet "tradizioni e preghiere"  the Parish Don Romano Tardugno and don Otello Russo.
For the brief history of Sassano, the Glossary and the old sayings the prof. Petrizzo Pasquale
For the informations on the wild Orchyds prof. Di Novella Nicola
For the historical informations about the feast "At Court with Princess Costance" ,  the  
President of the Pro Loco Teggiano Elio Cantelmi

By R. Fornino