L’Associazione"GRUPPO  TEATRALE  SASSANESE" has became very active within the community due to the enthusiasm that its members place in acting. Although the association takes its roots from a popular  tradition that dates back in time, the Mardis Gras, it began its history around the 1950’s. On Fat Tuesday the group, “Le Vecchie Maschere” would end their allegorical parade in the main square with a theatrical representation. The parade represented every day life while others with satirical subjects of Sassano.
       “Le Vecchie Maschere” brought aoround the idea of forming an amateur theatrical group. The group, changed its legal status as non profit organization  with a registered notary public act in Associazione "GRUPPO  TEATRALE   SASSESE", on June 30th,1998.

        The goals that the association intends to achieve are stated in its statute:  
              a) to enhance the importance of theatre among the community, as theatre has become a media that      reaches all branches of people.  
              b) To resurge the sassanese dialect, which coming generations are starting to loose. Although the “Associazione" has Italian plays in its repertoire, most of the theatrical representations are in the sassanese dialect written by a man who has dedicated many years of his life to the study of the sassanese dialect. The sassanese idiom plays have been appreciated during their representations, bringing many acclamations to the actors.  
              c) Today the L’Associazione "GRUPPO TEATRALE   SASSANESE” counts on 30 members of all age, who have a place to fulfil their acting aspiration, their way of life. Also this provides moments of joyfulness in their common interest of keeping alive sassanese traditions.  

             L’Associazione "GRUPPO  TEATRALE   SASSANESE", has made exhibitions in schools throught out the Vallo di Diano an nearby areas, so to make theatre not only a moment of entertainment bust also a moment of academic drama lessons.
            A final note on the achievements of the “associazione”: among the many representations in nearby areas, the ones who have made the author, the director and the entire cast very proud are the representations in Glen Cove, Brooklyn and  New York, U.S.A., when, on a tour organized by the town administration. The  "GRUPPO  TEATRALE   SASSESE", brought the sassanese community there a piece of their forefathers native land.

The plays are written by Prof. Pasquale Petrizzo.
Art and Music director by Vincenzo Arnone.

Il Gruppo: 
Domenico Russo, Francesca Arnone, Pasquale Femminella, Maria Russo, Giovanni Senatore, Maria Grazia Stavola, Antonio Arnone, Anna Stavola, Rosalina Stavola, Pamela Romanelli, Antonella Romano, Biagio Orlando, Ottavio D'onza, Giovanni Di Bella, Tonia Di Bella, Tania Esposito, Giampietro Senatore, Felice Orlando, Pamela Senatore, Romanelli Ottavio.