The Beautiful doughter  (A' Figlia Bella)



Characters: Father, mother, daughter, grandmather, next-door neighbour, the daughter’s fiancé and his father.

The comedy centres itself around the old costume that families arranged matrimonies, and that the economic wealth was of primary importance.
Opposing this old tradition there stands a young girl next to be web that refuses and rebels against her combined marriage.
The play evolves in two directions:
1st) in a joyfully and farce way,  the Parents,  the grandmother and the next-door neighbours  think that someone has   placed a curse (evil-eye) on their daughter's wedding, and plan on how to free the young lady from it, so they can proceed with the wedding.
2nd) Is the more important aspect of combined matrimonies, the marriage settlement, in which the parts involved would actually stipulate a contract of the settlements that the bride would bring with her to her husband.