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San Pietro
Sant'Arsenio San Rufo
Monte San Giacomo Sassano

            Within the 2001 edition of the midieval feast “Alla tavola della Principessa Costanza” At court with Princess Costance, organized by the “Pro Loco Teggiano”held on the 11th – 12th and 13th of August in the marvellous scenery of  the old fashioned town of Teggiano, the hamlet of Sassano won “La Giostra dei Ceri” (The roundabout of the torch” in the games of  “Il Palio dei Casali” (The Prize winning of the Hamlets).
   The participants to the “Palio” are the six hamlets that composed the old state of Diano of the Prince Antonello Sanseverino: (Diano, Santo Arsenio, Santo Jacopo Santo Pietro, Santo Rufo e Saxani).

Sassano’s  (Saxani) atheletes (Luigi D’Amato, Michele Pellegrino, Andrea Rinaldi, Michele Cardinale, Gennaro Ametrano, Francesco Trotta, Roberto Abruzzese, Giovanni Petrizzo, Franco Mosca, Gaetano Martucci, Giuseppe Fornino e Antonio Romanelli), were remarkable and easily won the qualifying heats andThe prince Sanseverino, Princess Costance, Sassano's Notables anfd the athelets after winning the "Palio" the final against the hamlet of Santo Arsenio (today’s Sant’Arsenio) in the last day of the feast.

    As tradition the Prince Sanseverino, his wife Princess Costance and their following must entrust the “Palio” personally in the hands of the “Magnifico” (the town mayor) of the winning hamlet.
    Sassano, therefore, on September 8th and 9th will host Prince Antonello Sanseverino his wife Prinscess Costance, the following court, the notables of the six hamlets of the old state of Diano, in  a medieval genuine  13th century costume parade through the “Carrare” (old narrow streets of Sassano). In the course of this charming two days feast, everybody will be delighted in a gastonimic tour with tastings of traditional sassane’s dishes, all of this will be gladdes by the “Trombonieri” (blunderbuss – man) and “sbandieratori” (waving flag show).