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Internal view of St. John the Evangeslist Church

        The church archive sdoesn't hold many manuscript that refer to the primitive mother church, or matrix, as is often refered to, that went destroyed in a fire around 1400, there after there was a new one build, that was  handled over to the clergy on august 20 1542  as the record by the pubblic notary Sabato D'Alessandro show.   
    There are few records that refer to the "matrix" because in the fire went destoyed all the documents that were kept in it's archive.
    The mother church as it' is now was consacrated  in 1602 and in the centuries has undergone many restaurations and trasformations. Recently, the Church has been closed for the last year because of damages that have occured to the structure during the earthquake and a wind storm, it was reopened  on June 24th 2000. To the reopening of the mother church have contribuited many sassanesei mmigrants with their donations. 
     The public notary records show that the church was consacrated to St. John the Baptist, but in later years it resulted consacrated to  "St. John the Evangelist" ,while  as it's remembered, throught the years the comunity os Sassano is entrusted to St. John the Baptist, and in later years Sassano was entrusted also to the madonna del Carmine.
    The statue of St. John the Baptist whose author and time of realization are unknown, is brouyght in procession two time s a year on june 24th day of St.John birth and august 29th the day of his martyrdom.
    In the late evening of eve of St.John birth, the religius novena ends with a charateristic procession through out the street of the town.