Old sassanese's receipe


Ova ittate lacqua (eggs trown in water)


         Eggs (one for each person)

 Italian stale bread (better if is home made)

Olive oil, salt, sheep milk cheese

 Bring the water to the boiling point, add salt, after "trow in" the eggs and the grated cheese; let it all boil for a few minutes, add the olive oil (as much as you like) and pour it on the bread cut in to large pieces,  in the large tureen that you had previouselly prepared.


 U pizz n brasa  (bun under burning charcoal) 

           Maize-meal of mais

Olive oil, salt, fennel seeds.

cabbage leafs

 Prepare a soft  mix with water, maize-meal, fennel seeds, salt and oil;  when the mix becames about the right consistency, make the buns as thin as you can, put them in boiled water for a few minutes, and after wrap them out in the cabbage leafs; then place them on the fire place floor (not necessarellya fire place floor) and cover them whith the burning charcoal so it can slowly cook. 


Cientibanna (centoposti) (hundredplaces)

        white flour (200gr.) 

maize meal (200 gr.)

tomato sauce (100 gr.)

1/2 onion, parseley, lard or olive oil;

grated sheap cheese, salt and garlic.

 Make a mix whit  white flour, maize meal lukewarm water and salt, so to obtain a granular mix;  Pour it in a pot with the tomato sauce mixure  that you have previouselly prepared and that you have enriched with oil, garlic, onion, parseley and a glass of water. cook all at  low flame stiring continouosly, adding water if it becames to dense. When it's cooked puor it in a soup tureen,serve hot whith a sprinkle of cheese and sme left over tomato sauce. 


Rafaiuol fritt (Ravioli fritti) (FRIED RAVIOLI)

         for the dough:

Whole wheat (1 kg.)

8 eggs, 1 table spoon of lard, 2table sppon of sugar a pinch of bicarbonate.

            For the stuffing:

Ricotta cheese (750 gr.)

3 yolk eggs

2 tablespoons of sugar and rhum

un pinch of cinamon

 Prepare the mixure   with the whole wheat, eggs, lard and sugarso to obtain a very thin pasta foil( as indicated in the page "how to make home pasta") in a tureen mix the ingredients for the stuffing, adding some milk if the mix becames to dense. Cutthe thin foil of pasta in squares of about 5 to 8 inches and put at the center of it the stuffing with a spoon. Take the edges of the pasta foil and fold them toghether, than close the edges with a fork. Fry in olive oil and sprinkle with sugar.