In 1480  Antonello Sanseverino, Prince of Salerno and Lord of Diano weds Costanza, daughter of  Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino, and toghether arrive to visit Diano(today Teggiano) where, for the occasion, the entire feud contributes in preparing a huge feast in their honor.
     To show her appreciation, Costanza donates to the suditts a work of art, that the six hamlets which compose the state of Diano decide to contend by holding a contest called  "The prize winning of the hamlets" (Palio dei Casali), the  “roudabout of the torch” (La Giostra dei Ceri). 
     In remembrance of this magnificent event, the “Pro Loco  Teggiano” organizes a middle age feast in the month of august.
    Walking through ancient streets, one encounters true reconstructions of midieval surroundings as they host ancient crafts and customs like the arts of woodwork, terracotta, glass and shoe making, the spinning of cloth and the scinze of alchemy. A parade of historical costumes, midieval ballads and other attractions,  make it possible to relive the past every year for three days in Teggiano.  

San Pietro


San Rufo

Monte San Giacomo


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