The theatrical group "Caiazzano" since 1998 is committed  in the recuperation and valorization of the popular traditions and the linguistical dialect of Sassano, so that young generations can re-discover the history of our town.
The Group proposes  to bring young generations not only to the marvolous experience of dialettical theater, but wants to give a chance to became first actors in a story that cames from history.
All commedies, are in strict sassanese dialect, they rappresent a moment of cultural enhancement for new generations,  by bringing knowledge of the nowdays absolete mother language.
The theatrical group of Caiazzano has held many rappresentations throught out the Vallo di Diano.


Comedies written and directed by dott. Pietro Cusati
Scenography by Anna Abbatemarco

The actors:
Valeriano Setaro, Rossella Arnone, Annamaria Abbatemarco, Arcangelo Boniello, Miriam Cusati,Serena Cimino, Maria Assunta Fornino, Stella Arnone, Vincenzo Fornino, Giannicila Giordano, Enzo Brancone, Francesca Arnone e Salvatore Arnone, Anna Arnone, Carmen Tepedino, Rosetta Spinelli.